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Outstanding Performance Even on an Overcast Scottish Autumn Day 

Thanks to the Brighten Up Series' Roof Dome Raybender 3000 technology and 99.7% reflective tubing, Solatube Daylighting Systems continue to deliver an abunance of beautiful daylighting into your home, even on dull, overcast days. 
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Rice Products Limited is the premier distributor and supplier of Solatube in Scotland. 

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Solatube Scotland 

Sixteen years ago a member of the Rice family had a Solatube Daylighting System fitted in the bathroom of their house in Dunbar, Scotland. To say the product impressed its new owners is an understatement; many neighbours and family were equally impressed by how simply and effectively they could pipe natural light into the dark corners of their own houses and purchased Solatube Daylighting Systems (picture attached Solatubescotland bathroom stewart original system still going strong). 
The family were so delighted with the product that they approached Solalighting Limited, the UK Solatube distributor, and became the official Scottish dealer, they have been running the dealership, RPL, selling Solatube products in Scotland for the past 15 years. 
Bathroom Example
Landing example
Since 2003, when Solatube was first introduced to Scotland, the Scottish Solatube distributorship has gone from strength to strength, and now boasts many happy customers - be it in straightforward homeowner applications such as upstairs, bathrooms and landings, or seemingly more complex ones such as hallways and downstairs rooms, where the Solatube can also be easily and efficiently installed through recesses, wardrobes or cupboards. 
With years of experience in the Scottish market, RPL have got the right level of know-how in understanding where Solatube Daylighting Systems are an ideal solution. We are a company based in Scotland not just a website shop, and while we are happy to sell Solatube products through our webshop, we would rather you call us for a chat so that we can ensure that you get the best possible solution for brightening up your home. 
One of the keys to Solatube’s success in Scotland comes from the fact that Solatube is the only tubular daylight system to carry full BBA accreditation; this means that Solatube is the only system of its kind to be approved by the NHBC building insurance scheme. 
It also means that you can rest assured knowing that Solatube has been tested and fully complies with all Scottish building regulations. In general, a Solatube will not require planning permission in Scotland as long as it projects from the walls or roof by no more than 1 metre. 
Healthcare Hospital Example
Healthcare Hospital Example
Another great feature of Solatube Daylighting Systems is the ease of installation; no structural changes are required to the property and they can be installed with virtually no mess in approximately 3 hours. Customers are always delighted at the fact that there is no requirement for additional decoration or painting after a Solatube has been installed. Solatube Daylighting Systems are often recommended by happy customers to their friends, neighbours and family and it is essential to us that you are happy with your Solatube and the beautiful natural light it provides year after year. 

Featured Case Study Arup Group Limited, Edinburgh 

When it was decided to refurbish Arup’s Edinburgh office, Senior Lighting Consultant Patrick Elsdale wanted to be as energy efficient as possible. Indeed, his aim was to produce the most sustainable office that had been built up to that point. Much of this was achieved by installing 84 Solatube Daylighting Systems to light the entire office. Now, electrical lighting is required for only 10% of an average working day. 
"The difference that it has made to my previously dark and dull shower room is amazing! Even on an overcast day the amount of light that comes down is unbelievable. I’m VERY impressed and would recommend this product, your company and installation service to everyone." 
Julie H 
"We did not envisage that the Eco Cottage would be as popular as it has been. The Solatube is one of the most widely commentedon features by visitors to the facility. They can’t believe it’s natural light that is illuminating the room so effectively." 
Nigel Ellis, Technology Development Manager, SSE 
"Just what we've been looking for ...our living room was really dark since we installed a conservatory, it just blocked out the natural light so much that we had to keep lights on all day..since we got solatube installed the difference is remarkable even on a dull rainy day i sincerely recommend solatube to anyone with this won't regret it, well worth the money." 
Liz A 
Kitchen without Solatube
Kitchen With Solatube
Stairwell example School/Office example Bungalow with roof dome
V&A Museum Dundee Roof Domes Cottage external with installed Solatube roof dome Living room with installed Solatube
Roof Dome Hallway/Kitchen Arup Group Limited Interior with Installed Solatubes Solatube roof domes
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