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Brighten Up Roof Dome
A unique filter helps keep the dome free of condensation. 

Choice of polycarbonate or acrylic roof dome 

It is important to specify the correct dome material for your application: 
Solatube BBA Certified polycarbonate roof domes are Tp(a) rated with regard to behaviour in relation to fire and meet the UK Building Regulations (Approved Document B) with regard to fire spread at roof level. As such, they may be installed without restriction* as to their roof position on all UK public, commercial and residential buildings.  
In order to guarantee compliance with UK Building and fire Regulations for our product category, we recommend specifying polycarbonate roof dome material. 
Alternatively, for applications where Building Regulations permit non-Tp(a) rated roof domes, acrylic (PMMA) roof domes are available. Please note, acrylic domes are not covered by the BBA Certificate and restrictions may apply as to their placement on a roof. 
For further information on regulatory advice, see B4 Fire safety: Approved Document B on the government planning portal. 

Raybender 3000 Technology 

This patented technology consists of a series of Fresnel lenses moulded into the dome. They are located at critical locations inside the dome to redirect the daylight into the tube aperture at the steepest possible angle. This results in excellent light transfer even when the sun is low in the sky in the early morning, evening and during winter months.  
This technology ensures the roof dome will actively harvest much more light than a clear dome or a flat glass panel throughout the day. 
Raybender 3000 Technology diagram

Injection moulded for superior strength and maintenance-free 

All Solatube roof domes are injection moulded for superior strength, performance and durability. The curved shape of the roof dome ensures that its surface is cleansed by the elements so it is completely maintenance-free. 

Controlled light delivery for visual comfort 

Intelligent, light-capturing technologies incorporated in the Solatube roof dome help control light delivery to prevent potential glare during summer months, whilst maximizing light capture all year round. Fresnel lenses control light transfer to ensure more consistent daylight delivery levels all day long, all year long. 

LightTracker Reflector 

For north-facing or wall-mounted applications, we supply our patented LightTracker Reflector to deliver even more light into the tube. 
LightTracker Reflector diagram
*Specific restrictions may apply to commercial “protected stairways”. 
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