Through floor installation 

Residential Case Study 
Dark kitchen before installation
Brightened kitchen after installation




North-facing premises lacked natural daylight 


Quick and efficient installation to a now brightened and transformed kitchen 


1 Solatube 290 DS Brighten Up Series unit with 3.4m of tubing 


Residential House 


Mr and Mrs B loved their home in Berkshire. However, the kitchen – at the back of the house – is North-facing. This caused the room to never feel light and bright enough. 


As someone who had always been interested in home improvements, Mr B had seen that tubular daylighting systems were a great way to daylight areas where windows or skylights aren’t practical. Mr B conducted an online search and found a couple of suppliers of similar products, after speaking making calls to their offices, Mr B was settled on Solatube Daylighting Systems being product for their home. 
"One of the main suppliers was extremely offhand, whereas Solatube couldn’t have been more helpful from when they first answered the phone, through to the completed installation.”  


Their 290 DS Daylighting System took only around four hours for installers to fit, even though the light had to be piped some 3.4m from the roof through an upstairs airing cupboard to the kitchen below. 
Despite the long tube length involved, the daylighting system transformed the kitchen. When the system was first installed Mr and Mrs B found the light was too bright so one of the complementary diffuser lenses was chosen to soften the effect. 
Tubing through floor application
“We are extremely happy with our Solatube and how it has improved the look and feel of our kitchen. Our friends have been impressed by the difference this installation has made.” Mr & Mrs B, Berkshire 
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