Arup Group Limited, Edinburgh 

Office Case Study 
Arup Group Limited, Edinburgh roof with installed daylighting system roof domes
Arup Group Limited, Edinburgh office interior with installed daylighting systems



To achieve high quality light levels, make the area as energy efficient as possible and also reduce energy costs 


Electrical lighting only used for an estimated 10% of the day 


84 Solatube Brighten Up series units 




Arup is a professional services company with a global team of designers, planners, engineers, consultants and technical specialists. Patrick Elsdale is one of Arup’s Senior Lighting Designers. Patrick has had a relationship with Solatube for over 7 years and uses our daylighting systems whenever he can. 


When it was decided to refurbish Arup’s Edinburgh office Patrick wanted a high quality of light, to make it as energy efficient as possible and to reduce energy costs. His aim was to produce the most sustainable office that had been built up to that point. 


Much of this was achieved by installing 84 Solatube Daylighting Systems so that the entire general office is lit by daylight with electrical lighting only used for about 10% of the day. Arup have reduced power usage for lighting in their office as much as possible; current consumption is about 3 watts per m² in the summer time and around 6 watts per m² in the winter resulting in an enormous power saving overall. 
In addition, many visitors to Arup’s office comment on the high quality of light. 
“The Solatubes give us the blend of energy saving and quality of light we need and our office has won several major awards for sustainability. It’s a no brainer. Why would you not want something that improves the quality of light, saves you money and is good for the environment?” 
Patrick Elsdale, Senior Lighting Designer, Arup 
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