All Saints Academy, Dunstable 

Education Case Study 
All Saints Academy in Dunstable brightened by daylighting systems



To provide well-lit, comfortable, practical and stimulating learning environment 


Impressively effective 


Solatube 290 DS Brighten Up series, install length up to 16.5 metres with addtional bends 



Two story educational building 


The design concept of this new build was to provide a well-lit, comfortable, practical and stimulating learning environment with an emphasis on sustainable technologies and energy efficient solutions. To achieve these goals meant finding a way to deliver daylight into the dark inner areas of the classrooms – even though the roof was two storeys above. 


The architects researched tubular daylighting systems and realized that they would require a system that would be capable of delivering impressive levels of daylight over long distances and with incorporating several 90° bends; they opted for Solatube Daylighting Systems. 
The 290 DS (350mm diameter) Daylighting Systems installed each incorporated a minimum 8 metre drop, a 90° turn with up to a further 8 metres of horizontal tubing before turning yet again to reach the designated ceiling positions in the classrooms. 


The demand on the daylighting systems was immense, but thanks to their superior light capture and transfer, the daylight levels ultimately achieved were excellent and contributed greatly to attaining the architect’s specified daylight factors. 
“The enhanced reflective surface coating of 99.7% within the Solatube system made it ideal for use in long runs, some up to 16.5 metres, including several bends. In spite of this, they remain impressively effective, delivering natural daylight to areas it would not otherwise be possible to achieve.” Sam Brown, Architect, LGH 
Light Rooms With 16 Metres of Extension Tubing
All Saints Academy with 16 metre tube lengths
Daylight areas of rooms incorporating bends and 16 metre lengths
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