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Brighten Up Series - Roof Flashing 

Our wide range of BBA approved, fully tested roof flashings ensure watertight performance and straightforward installation for virtually any UK roof type and pitch. In addition to our standard flat and pitched roof flashing kits, a number of bespoke flashings are available for more challenging roof types such as standing seam, metal roof tile, wall-mounted and sedum (green roofs) — please contact us for details of these and other roof types. 
Flat roof flashing

Flat Roof 

Metal flat roof flashings are suitable for installation onto flat roofs with felt, hot roll, membrane, single ply and GRP coverings. Their seamless, one-piece construction eliminates the possibility of leaks. 
Our flat roof flashing kit contains a metal roof flashing, neoprene flashing insulator and bonding compound. 
Installed flat roof flashing
 Slate/Plain tile roof flashing

Slate/Plain tile 

Slate and plain tile roof flashings are suitable for all non-interlocking, profiled, slate or plain tiles. 
This flashing is also supplied with a neoprene flashing insulator as standard.  
Installed Slate/Plain tile flashing
Profiled and interlocking tile roof flashing

Profiled and interlocking tile 

The aluminium roof flashing is ideal for all profiled and interlocking roof tiles including Norfolk pantiles, Delta tiles, Bold Roll and any interlocking tile as it will form to the shape and contours of the tiles above, below and to the sides.  
This flashing is supplied with a fixing kit, neoprene flashing insulator and foam compression seal strip to ensure a weatherproof seal between tile profiles. 
Installed profiled and interlocking tile roof flashing
Curbmount roof flashing


Metal curbmount roof flashings are available for the 290DS (350mm diameter) only. They are designed to seal onto a pre-formed upstand and are often used for commercial, green roof / sedum applications.  
Please see our technical drawings for pre-formed upstand dimension requirements. Supplied with a neoprene flashing insulator and bonding compound. 
Installed curbmount roof flashing
Premium universal roof flashing

Premium universal flashing 

This premium pitched roof flashing is made using BBA certified Ubiflex material that has a 20 year manufacturer's guarantee. 
This flashing is a most versatile flashing as it can be used for all slate, plain tile and interlocking roof tile systems, as well as pressed metal tile systems such as Decra and Metro tiles. 
Installed premium universal roof flashing

Flashing insulator 

Made from neoprene and help to reduce condensation in cold conditions where the flashing may be exposed to temperature variations and humidity. The insulator is installed to the flashing base and the top tube slips through the opening to provide a barrier between the flashing and the potentially cold/damp air. All flashings are supplied with a flashing insulator as standard. 
Flashing insulator
Our roof flashings have been fully tested and certified in the UK for their weatherproof properties and fitness-for-purpose. The flashings have also undergone extensive testing for hurricane and cyclone ratings in the USA and Australasia where such weather conditions prevail. The circular flashing upstand design allows rain and debris to naturally bypass the unit, eliminating the possibiity of water build up or 'reservoiring'.  
All flashings can be modified by adding a turret extension. The turret extension raises the turret (or upstand) of the flashing so the dome will clear thicker roofing materials or roof obstructions that cause excessive shading on the roof dome, such as HVAC units, chimneys or parapets. Turret extensions are available in a variety of sizes — please contact us for details. 
Our roof flashings are generally supplied with a parallel upstand, however, most are also available with angled upstands and dome reflectors to ensure maximum daylight capture on very steep, north facing roofs.  
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