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Solatube® pipes sun light into your home

A naturally-lit room is cheerful and welcoming. Yet many homes suffer from a lack of natural light, either by design or evolution. The Solatube Brighten Up® Series of Daylighting Systems offers you a solution; a versatile, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly lighting solution that pipes solar light from the sky via super-reflective tubes into the room below – simple but brilliant!

Skylight tubes fill your home with beautiful, natural light all day long, all year long

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  • Solatube® invented the modern tubular daylighting device
  • Solatube® sales to date top over 2 million tubular daylighting systems worldwide
  • Solatube® guarantees to pipe more daylight into your home all day long, all year long, than any other tubular daylighting device
  • Solatube® is the only product of its kind in the UK to have BBA Certification