Solatube Daylighting Systems  Innovation in daylighting 

The Brightest Way to Deliver Daylight to Your Home & Workplace 

Solatube are the world's leading and most trusted daylighting system brand, backed in the UK by BBA Certification — a recognised mark of quality, safety and reliability that provides reassurance of the product’s fitness-for-purpose and compliance. 
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Still Leading The Industry We Started 25 Years Ago 

Solatube registered the first patent for tubular daylighting systems (also known as Sun Tunnels, Light Tunnels or Sun Pipes) over 25 years ago and now more than 6 million daylighting systems have been sold in over 90 countries. Our goal is to continue to deliver the best possible daylighting solution. 

Delivering Daylight With Style & Innovation  

We use innovative technologies to tunnel brilliant sun light from any roof top to dark and windowless areas below. Our beautifully crafted and stylish range of glass ceiling diffusers offer you the widest choice for the greatest design and creative options. 
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