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Solatube® Daylighting Systems will pipe sun into your
building more efficiently than any other sun tubes system

Solatube® Daylighting Systems provide a compelling alternative to artificial lighting, bringing the benefits of piping brilliant, natural sun light to both new and existing buildings. The Solatube® product range will transform homes, offices, schools, factories, hospitals – in fact almost any building that requires additional daylight – whilst at the same time reduce energy consumption, costs, and your carbon footprint.

Light Tunnel
Solatube®, the world's most efficient sun tube daylighting system, will transform dark or windowless rooms in your home with the beauty of natural daylight.
sun tubes
Solar Tubes
Unrivalled quality and performance ensures Solatube® maintains its position as world leader with over 2 million solar tubes systems specified worldwide.

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Our Solatube BBA Certification confirms compliance with UK Building Regulations.


BBA Certification





Our independent statement of safety, quality and fitness-for-purpose.


Unusual ... but brilliant!
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Light Tunnel


Sun Pipes



Solatube® Solar Star® RM1200 - powerful, free-to-run, solar-powered ventilation

Solatube Solar Star solar tube